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Sum of is a servicemark of the Artsho Corp.

Have us Traceroute your internet address
Managed by the Artsho Corp.

We conduct Traceroute service to test the intermediate
IP names and numbers to your site, from Houston, Texas.

We offer two Traceroute testing options:
a. a single, one-time-only test, for $8
b. a month of tests for one calendar period,
   which excludes Sundays and holidays, for $150.

An email will be sent within one (1) working day after
each of the checks. It will contain the actual system
results which are revealed by the online inspection(s).

These are the items we will need to know, which are to
be entered when you complete the following order form:
a. the full and correct internet address to be tested
b. the primary email address to receive the results
c. a second email address, also to receive a copy
d. an email subject identifier (if required);
e. for a period of service: the 1st month
f. the number of months of service.

  A single test     Price = $ 8 for one Traceroute test    Internet address      Email address #1      Email address #2      Email subject    

  A month of tests    Price = $ 150 for a month of Traceroute tests   Internet address      Email address #1      Email address #2      Email subject      Month #1   Month(s) 

Tests can be conducted only to publicly accessible addresses.

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